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Recently, I gave a food tour in Austin.  Not your typical foodie tour, but a special tour that showcased trailer food.  Really?  Trailer food you ask?  I can guarantee this food is some of the most innovative, exciting and flavorful stuff out there, and all at a great value too.  Airstream trailers are a popular choice for trailer food vendors, a throwback to retro design, while the food inside is anything but. 

 We started off at Mighty Cone, a trailer serving a variety of burgers, venison hot dogs, wonderful seasonal ice cream shakes, and their namesake, the Mighty Cone.  Picture avocado slices crusted with sesame seeds, arbol chile flakes, and cornflakes deep fried (really) on a bed of slaw with a flavorful dressing, all in a soft flour tortilla folded into a cone for easy eating.  The crisp and soft texture contrast is unbelievable and so are the flavor combinations. 

Here’s a photo of The Mighty Cone!

We moved on to Holy Cacao — I have my priorities and dessert is pretty close to top of list!  Holy Cacao serves cake balls, small bite size, gooey balls of cake dipped in chocolate and served on a stick.  Think of a lollipop made of cake and you’ve got it.   They also serve a yummy concoction called frozen hot chocolate, a decadent chocolaty icy shake with cinnamon and a hint of Ancho chile pepper.  Spicy and cold all at the same time, a great flavor experience. 

The odd duck Farm to Trailer was next up, serving a new menu daily, based on local available ingredients.  I chose a delicious grilled Romaine salad topped with quail egg.  All the dishes from odd duck are cooked on a wood fired grill inside the trailer — you can smell the aroma of a smoky wood fire when you pull up.  It made my mouth water and I was not disappointed.  The romaine leaves were lightly grilled, still crisp but the grilling added a gently smoky flavor that was outstanding.  It was topped with a light vinaigrette and a quivering quail egg that was perfectly cooked.  Served with a slice of toasted bread, it was a great combination of flavors that left me completely satisfied. 

Photo of The Odd Duck Farm to Trailer

 Then we moved on to the last stop, Gourdough’s.  Picture a fresh fried sweet dough topped with unique combinations of ingredients and served piping hot and you’ll understand the magic of Gourdough’s.  They have both sweet and savory combinations, such as the “Flying Pig” doughnut with maple syrup icing and topped with bacon, or a sweet doughnut filled with grape jelly and topped with peanut butter chips and peanut butter icing.  This is one stop that must be tried to believe, there was not one piece left after we devoured the doughnuts we ordered.  Completely stuffed, we waddled back home, thinking of all the trailers we missed, but savoring the next chance for a food trailer tour.

Here's the Gourdough's Trailer

Here's what "The Flying Pig" looks like!

Austin is a beautiful city, a place I am happy to call home.  We have hundreds of food carts, trailers, vans, wagons, bicycle vendors, airstreams, etc in Austin, all serving delicious food, with more popping up every day.  At these unique, mobile locations you can sample noodle bowls, cupcakes, tacos, empanadas, popsicles, pizza, crepes, doughnuts, gourmet meals, kebabs… the list is endless!  If you are ever if my neck of the woods, please look me up and I will take you on an eating adventure in Austin!  We didn’t even discuss BBQ, that is a whole different topic, one which I am sure to touch on in the future.

Thanks for reading! Check back again soon!


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