April 5th, 2011

Cooking Over an Open Fire

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S’mores around camp fires and hot dogs roasted on sticks were something we always did around big lakeside bonfires in the summer.  Chips and salsa were pretty common, as were Pop Tarts in the morning, and crackers and cheese later in the day.  However, camping doesn’t have to mean days filled with basic foods like hot dogs, sandwiches and chips. 

For some people going camping means renting one of the new Kabins at their local KOA or throwing up a tent for the night and leaving before breakfast in the morning.  But the type of camp food I’m talking about is a little more fun than chips and sandwiches.  Our green chile egg torta with black bean and corn salsa and chopped cilantro turned out pretty well, and our late night skillet cornbread was dynamite with a touch of honey. Say goodbye to milk and cereal in tiny bowls! Read more »

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