Hungry? Watch Your Step and Look Out for That Chicken!

In doing research for my next blog, I came across a restaurant that markets itself as “Dinner in the Sky”. This restaurant, with locations in more than 40 countries, may just be one of the most extravagant, and dangerously exhilarating dining experience of your life. The table, which seats 22 patrons, who encircle a chef, a waiter, or entertainer, is sold in 8 hour allotments, to be customized however desired. The table is lifted 50m above the ground by a suspension crane. A 2nd crane with an entertainment platform is also available if requested. While only available in Las Vegas and Florida currently, the brand looks to be expanding.

While we are on the subject of scary or seemingly death-defying restaurant experiences, this restaurant in Thailand sets BBQ chickens on fire, which are then launched through the air to be caught by waiters on unicycles. I am sure they have lots of practice, but it just sounds plain dangerous to me!

And then there is Ninja New York, which is a labyrinth of hallways that wind their way to the jail-cell like tables. Careful though, you just might find a ninja jumping out at you from behind a wall. But don’t worry; he is only there to cook your food tableside.

This last restaurant, Disaster Café, while still under construction, boasts a simulated 7.8 earthquake as part of your dining experience.

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