Innovation in Packaging and Food Technology

Part of what gives fast food its allure is creative packaging. Last year, when McDonald’s came out with the pull-tab container for its McWrap, it was noted as one of the most innovative packaging ideas in a long time, due to the convenience factor.

Packaging that makes portable food easier to eat will always translate to more food sales and customer interest.

Here are some of the more innovative packaging concepts:

The To-Go Burger carrier is a great idea that carries your drink, sandwich, and fries in one neatly styled handheld carrier.

This next product is an easy-open packaging option, targeted towards people who have difficulty opening conventional packaging. Consumers with dexterity issues, or those constantly on the go, will appreciate the Squeeze Open.

What is cooler than a re-closable beverage can? Made with an integrated flat tab that provides the perfect seal, the product can be opened and closed multiple times without degradation to the seal. Simply slide the tab to close it, then to re-open it.

In addition to creative packaging, several companies are working on interesting food technologies that translate to cost savings and minimized packaging.

Monosol, the company behind Tide Pods, has developed an edible film for foodservice that dissolves in cold or hot liquids. Starting with hot chocolate, oatmeal, and instant soups, the pouches break down completely and are said to have minimal flavor impact:

The Flavorseal company features Seasoning Transfer Technology among its more interesting seasoning sheets for individual protein portioning, seasoned transfer casings to apply spices to larger cuts of meat, and roasting bags that are coated with flavors and starches that mix with the juices from roasts, chickens and other roasted items to make gravy.

For snacking on the go, portion control is a key component to convenience. These berry snacks are pre-washed and pre-portioned for a quick and healthy on-the-go snack.

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