May 27th, 2015

Restaurant of the Month: New Orleans Edition – Cochon Butcher

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On a recent trip to New Orleans, I was lucky enough to take a side trip to Cochon Butcher, a collaboration between James Beard award winning chefs Donald Link and Steven Stryjewski. The partners have won in the past for Best Chef South for Herbsaint as well as Best New Restaurant and Best American cookbook. More recently, in 2014, the Link Restaurant Group won Best New Restaurant for Peche. With such a pedigree, it is easy to see why a trip to one of their restaurants is more than a little special.

Located right behind Cochon on Tchoupitoulas Street, the restaurant follows a casual model that requires no reservations.  It features a butcher counter on one side of the restaurant and a recent expansion that includes seating and a bar.


The business model really makes sense if you think about the business recaptured by offering a more casual walk-up setting with the same great quality charcuterie as the restaurant next door.

You can purchase charcuterie by the pound at the butcher counter:


Selections include venison sausage, duck pastrami, and pork rillon to name a few.

As well, you can purchase branded swag, including this cool bar knife custom made for the establishment:


Cochon Butcher likes to keep its artisan-focused menu simple. Showcasing an array of simple sandwich preparations, with the emphasis on quality along with an assortment of side and a la carte items, the menu covers all the bases when it comes to delicious and well curated meats.

Our first course was the charcuterie plate, featuring coppa, coppa de testa, Genoa, and my personal favorite pork rillon (made with pork belly and herbs, it’s spreadable heaven). Accompaniments include house-made broken crackers, quick pickles, fresh chow chow and a spicy whole grain mustard. The rillon was so good that I actually took some for the road.


The next bites were of braised pork belly with mint and cucumbers sandwiched between toasted soft white bread. It was a little messy, and the flavor contrast between the mint and the salted pork belly was unexpected. While it was my least favorite flavor combination, let’s remember that this is Cochon, so all comparisons should be left at the door.


As a follow up, we ordered the duck pastrami sliders. Now, I have to admit, I love duck pastrami, so I was a little sad that there was not more of it in these sliders. There was a competition between the flavors in the duck pastrami and an exceptionally rich Gruyere cheese sauce. But it’s duck, so really what’s not to like?


The final bite of the night was a Moroccan spiced lamb on flatbread and the unexpected favorite. Notes of cumin, coriander and curry showcased fork-tender pieces of braised lamb. The lamb was tucked into bed with a very chunky Tzatziki by the softest pillowy flatbread. Sweet dreams little lamb!


I have to say that Cochon Butcher is the one restaurant I must visit while in New Orleans, and with all that the Big Easy has to offer, that is saying a lot. Don’t just take my word for it, head on over yourself!