January 28th, 2011

El Bulli – A Masterpiece Meal

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I have always had a little crush on Ferran Adrià.  Well, at least on his food!  Ferran Adrià has been called many things, the “Salvador Dali of Food”, the World’s Best Chef, the World’s Most Creative Chef, a genius and many other monikers.  When I first stumbled upon his cooking, it was because of my interest in “molecular gastronomy”.  Now, Ferran Adrià seems to shudder at this term, so maybe I should say my interest in the combination of food and science.  Somehow, it is more than just that, maybe his cooking defies a title?  When Adrià began to appear on the food scene, everyone began to wonder, where did this guy come from?  Ferran Adrià was born in 1962 in Spain and was schooled in Barcelona.  In 1980 he left school, where he was studying business administration, and became… a dishwasher.  My hero.  I have a theory that all great chefs are born out of serving their time with hands in a sink of dirty dishes.  Read more »

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