November 14th, 2016

Food Trends Series: Ancient Grains

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Food Trends Research Chef
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Food Trends – Ancient Grains

With the increased public interest in food trends such as farm to table and eco-friendly food service, it should come as no surprise that ancient grains are breaking into the spotlight.

While all grains are, technically, ancient, this term refers to those oldest varieties that haven’t been transformed by humans over the thousands of years we’ve been growing them. Examples include:

While not an exhaustive list, this does illustrate the diversity of ancient grains. Each of these provides different flavors, textures, and dense nutritional profiles to assist in the maintenance of a healthful diet.

Food Trends Recipe development
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Ancient grains also gain attention for their hypoallergenic nature. Most are inherently gluten-free and when used in place of standard wheat flours, remove one of the top allergens from a recipe.

Diners love the authenticity and excitement that the use of ancient grains provides and chefs love the versatility of using them. From components in simple sides or salads, coatings for other foods either whole or in the form of flours, or as a reliable main dish, ancient grains are becoming staples of the professional chef and home cook’s kitchen.

Research on Food Trends
Savory Oatmeal Picture courtesy of Daily Burn

For more great information about ancient grains read the June edition of the Culinology Magazine provided by our friends at the Research Chefs Association.

Also, check out these unique recipes using ancient grains:

Thanks for reading along! If you’ve seen any awesome or unique uses of ancient grains, or want to talk food trends, leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you.



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August 11th, 2010

Haute Dogs

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Hot Dogs and burgers have gone upscale, and gourmet burgers and dogs are popping up in fine dining, casual dining, street food and even in vending machines.  Hot Doug’s, in Chicago, is one of the most famous, upscale hot dog joints, serving dogs and sausages with every delicious combination you can imagine.  The specials are incredible, combinations such as Calvados Smoked Duck Sausage with Morello Cherry Mustard and Goat Cheese, shows how far a traditional hot dog has come.  All the dogs are served up with fries cooked in duck fat, which is something worth the two hours of standing in line!  You can visit Hot Doug’s here, and if visiting Chicago be sure to check it out in person!

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April 13th, 2010

Austin Food Tour

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Hey Everyone!

Recently, I gave a food tour in Austin.  Not your typical foodie tour, but a special tour that showcased trailer food.  Really?  Trailer food you ask?  I can guarantee this food is some of the most innovative, exciting and flavorful stuff out there, and all at a great value too.  Airstream trailers are a popular choice for trailer food vendors, a throwback to retro design, while the food inside is anything but. 

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